Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I really don't mind being laughed at.

In fact, I try to encourage it. It's in my genes. I come from a long line of amateur comedians on both sides of the family.

Today a couple of co-workers, and myself, conducted a staff meeting at work. We ate. Played games. We talked a little official business but, for the most part, we simply had fun. We got some laughs, some eye rolls, some shaking heads, and some groans. It was a lotta fun.

I don't mind being laughed at. My humor is usually full puns puns and very self-deprecating. For a while I felt like my old self again. I was pre-Chronic Acute Pancreatitis and pre-IBS Mikey. And I thank all my co-workers for that.

I don't think I have a big ego, because I feel it's fun to be laughed at. Besides, laughter is good for soul. According to laughter causes our muscles to get a physical workout, our blood pressure drops, our oxygen intake increases, physical pain is suppressed, our immune system is strengthened, our breathing improves, and we improve psychologically.

Thanks again to all my co-workers for helping me feel better for a little while today.

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