Friday, December 1, 2017

Endpapers and other beautiful things.

I read a lot. I like the feel of a book. Holding it. Turning the pages. The quality of the paper. The font utilized for printing the book. The endpapers.

Endpapers are what attach the block of pages to the cover of the book. In most books these days they're plain white. Some of them have printed endpapers made to look like marbled paper. I have some that are old enough that the marbling was done by hand, by suspending drops of dye in a liquid, dipping the paper in the solution, then lifting it out of the solution.

I've just finished reading Solitude by Terry Waite. You might remember him. A few years back he was held in solitude for several years in Lebanon, while he was working to secure the release of hostages held by Hezbollah.

The endpapers of the book are a deep royal blue in color. Nothing fancy, but they are beautiful both in their richness of color and simplicity. I stared at them for several minutes recently.

I grown to appreciate simple beauty. Flowers. Butterflies. The foxes that run around the neighborhood. The sounds of children laughing and playing. Folks who are really good at whatever they do. The sounds of leaves blowing down the street. The little nudge that Fred gives my hand, after he has slowly approached me, begging for pets. Sunrises and sunsets. Other things too numerous to mention.

I think that's why I enjoy sitting on the front porch. I can experience all of these things when I park myself out there.

Confucius supposedly said that everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

Yup, I can agree with that. So, take a few minutes and enjoy the beauty that's out there.


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